Greater EU Party Transparency?

Members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) have approved a report on the legal status and funding arrangements of European political parties. The report aims to increase transparency and accountability by introducing stricter monitoring mechanisms and spending rules for pan-European forces.
In particular, the report suggests making it easier for parties to produce their own resources by raising the top limit on donations from €12,000 to €18,000 per donor per year. For donations above €3,000, donor names and the corresponding amounts would be publicly disclosed.
The report also provides that new rules would be enforced by an independent ‘Authority’, with power to inflict fines and even retracting a party’s statute in case of non-compliance. So far, it has been the Parliament itself which monitored party spending. These new rules will not apply for the May European elections however, as the regulation would enter into force in January 2017. The AFCO Committee’s vote must now be confirmed by MEPs in plenary, while Member States have already agreed.

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