We've joined FiscalNote!

We’re happy to announce that SHUNGHAM is joining forces with FiscalNote, the leading innovator in international government data and technology. Together, we’ll be able to provide even better insight into not only the EU, but different jurisdictions around the world. 

If you’re an existing SHUNGHAM customer, don’t worry — nothing will change, and you’ll still have full access to the EU Issue Tracker and EU Calendar you rely on today. In the background though we are working on how to scale the high-quality structured and analytical approach on which EU Issue Tracker’s reputation has been built and enrich it with additional layers of intelligence, as well as enable clients to identify and manage risks and relationships from around the world using FiscalNote's Government Relationship Management (GRM) system. 

We are really excited about Shungham clients being able to access FiscalNote's rich data for EU member states and major economies in the Americas (Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil among others), Africa (South Africa) and Asia (India, China and several more countries later this year). Rest assured the high-quality service and personal attention that you have come to expect from us will continue unchanged.  This is an exciting new chapter which promises to bring considerable additional benefit and value to you and all of our clients.

Click here to read the official press release, or here to learn more about FiscalNote.