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How Least Developed Countries Drive Inclusive Trade for Sustainable Development

Event description:

An innovative global trade programme known as the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) helps the least developed countries (LDCs) develop the tools, skills and economic capacity they need to become competitive in targeting new markets for their goods and services. It helps governments develop tailored national trade strategies that benefit their producers, train officials to manage trade issues and build capacity among small rural businesses – many of which are owned by women – to help them access new international markets. The EIF will share evidence of success and lessons learned for using with trade as a development solution. The EIF is supported by the European Commission.

  • When: 23 April 2018
  • How much: FREE
  • Policy area: Human Rights & Devt, Trade
  • Who: European Commission - DG DEVCO
  • Where: The External Cooperation INFOPOINT
  • Registration deadline: No deadline

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