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14th Annual Conference of the GCLC — “Remedies In EU Competition Law: Substance, process and policy”

Event description:

The Global Competition Law Centre is pleased to invite you to the 14th Annual Conference, entitled: “Remedies In EU Competition Law: Substance, process and policy”. The 2019 GCLC annual conference will examine the topic of remedies in competition law enforcement. Competition authorities intervene with the aim of discontinuing or preventing anti-competitive conduct but also of remedying the consequences thereof and restoring or preserving undistorted competition. Competition remedies are central to competition law enforcement and represent the yardstick against which the efficiency of the overall system can be measured. Bringing together lawyers and economists, practitioners and academics, the conference will undertake a journey into the theory and practice of competition remedies in the EU and beyond, against the background of recent high-profile antitrust decisions, of increased scrutiny about the effectiveness of merger commitments and of a decade of remedial developments in the field of State aid.

  • When: 31 January 2019
  • How much: Free
  • Policy area: Institutional
  • Who: College of Europe
  • Where: Residence Palace
  • Registration deadline: No deadline

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