• DON'T BE LEFT OUT OF THE POLICY GAME To impact policy, you need to be where the discussions that matter are happening. Being a key player means being present at the key gatherings of policy makers and influencers, knowing what's being said, and talking to those who are saying it.
  • YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE Being effective means being systematic. You can't leave it to hit-or-miss, to the email invitation that you may happen to receive, or the mention you happen to overhear. You need to be systematically informed of all meetings and events relevant to your policy goals.
  • AN ESSENTIAL POLICY PARTICIPATION TOOL EUCALENDAR is the one tool you need to systematically ensure that you participate everywhere where it matters for your objectives. Intuitive, fast, and simple, EUCALENDAR means you never need to miss a key event or registration deadline.
  • PUBLICISE YOUR OWN EVENTS EUCALENDAR is the definitive reference for EU Policy related events in Brussels. You'll want to post your event here to get it maximum publicity. Soon you'll be able to post it yourself; for now send us an email: info@eucalendar.com
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    Steve Bailey, ice President Environment, Health and Safety Strategy and External Relations, GlaxoSmithKline
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    David Coleman, Head of EU Affairs, McDonald's Europe
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    Eddy Roelants, Vice-President Technology and Environmental Policy, Siemens
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    Ray Parmenter, Legislation Manager, Veolia
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    Vicky Voulgaraki, Director Government Relations, Europe, ThermoFisher
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    James Johnston, Policy Advisor, Scottish Government
  • EU Issue Tracker is an accessible and politically intelligent tool which takes a lot of the pain out of EU monitoring. The ability to access reliable and insightful information in a simple and easy to use format is a huge time saver.

    Kieran O'Keeffe, Head of European Representation, British Chambers of Commerce
  • I am more convinced than ever that EU Issue Tracker is indispensable for professionals in the European environmental field.

    Henk Wolfert, European Policy Officer, Region of Rotterdam