• Pascal Bos


    SHUNGHAM Intern

    Passionate about Europe and about my home region Twente (NL), I am a real cosmopolitan but I also remain proud of my roots. My studies reflect this perfectly, having studied European Studies at the University of Twente with adventures abroad in Oslo, Shanghai, Münster and Washington, DC. Working in Brussels has always been my goal so I am excited to work here for SHUNGHAM, at the heart of European cooperation. My personal interests include cultures and languages, travelling and football.

  • Michelangelo Aveta


    Junior Policy Analyst

    As my name would quite easily suggest, I am Italian. After finishing my Bachelors in International Relations at the LUISS University in Rome, I recently gained my Master's diploma in Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe, Bruges. During my studying years, I have found myself passionate about the European Political Economy and its both theoretical and practical nature. Nonetheless, my curiosity has also led me on some extravagant paths, from football to Japanese Funk music. During my childhood, my grandfather took me to long rides on his Fiat Trattore in the fields near Piana di Monte Verna. I think it was in that period that I discovered my interest in transport, which is the policy area I am responsible for at SHUNGHAM.

  • Dimitrios


    Junior Policy Analyst

    I was thrilled at the chance to take on the Food/Drink & Agriculture portfolio at SHUNGHAM, having done my Blue Book traineeship at DG Sanco working on issues related to Food and Feed Safety. Broadening my range of policy exposure I also did a stint at EUROCONTROL, as a member of a team working on the corporatization of air navigation services in Cyprus and air navigation services reform in my native country, Greece. I have my undergraduate degree in Law with a focus on EU Law from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Master in Penal and Criminal Sciences at the same institute, and a Master European Law from the well-known programme at Maastricht.

  • Maciek


    Junior Policy Analyst

    My passions are Europe, fine art, and my dog Pola! My qualifications are a law degree from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and Masters in European Studies from the College of Europe in Natolin. At Shugham I am able to leverage  my previous work in the European Commission, the European Council and the private sector, as well as my detail-oriented policy mindset, bringing it to bear in my work on Internet and Telecoms policy and the Digital Single Market.

  • Aliénor


    Junior Policy Analyst

    I love a good challenge. For example, I decided to do two masters degrees related to the EU in the UK at the very moment that English Euroscepticism materialised into the Brexit. After studying law and political science during my Bachelor at the Catholic Institute of Paris, I completed a master’s degree in EU law at Queen Mary, University of London and I just graduated from the London School of Economics in EU politics. I will be the Intern at SHUNGHAM from September 2016 until March 2017. 

  • Carolina


    Policy Analyst

    Enthusiastic and curious, I love travelling to new destinations, discovering emerging artists and eating good food – after all, I am Italian. Curiosity is what drives my work at SHUNGHAM; I love staying up-to-date with the latest initiatives and sharing information with others. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Information is the currency of democracy”. As a strong supporter of the EU project, I took degrees in political and EU studies in Italy, France and Belgium, and have had experience working in EU and national institutions.

  • Lida


    Policy Analyst

    Lida is a qualified lawyer, admitted to the Athens bar, and accredited mediator in Greece. She is a law graduate of the University of Athens and has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) with Merit from the London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK. She is specialised in International Business Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Before joining SHUNGHAM as a Junior Policy Analyst, Lida did a Blue Book traineeship at DG Justice & Consumers, working on issues related to consumer redress. She has also worked as a junior lawyer at a law firm in Brussels handling cases of European Union law, including State Aid and Public Procurement. Lida is particularly driven by issues related to Business and Consumers and has taken up this portfolio at SHUNGHAM.

  • Danilo


    Senior Policy Analyst

    Since I joined SHUNGHAM in October 2015, the most exciting part of my job has been the continuous learning and discovery. We learn how to identify, monitor, and alert our clients about future regulatory initiatives and other policy moves that are not yet public. As an analyst, my responsibility is to keep track of the latest developments in EU environmental policy. My background is in European Law and Politics, with previous experience in public affairs in a consultancy and EU trade associations in Brussels. Born in Italy, I have lived in Spain, Germany and now in Belgium. You can ask me about: EU, cinema, environment, hi-tech and Brussels’ best Sunday brunches.

  • Delia


    Senior Policy Analyst

    My life’s motto is: Spend time in an innovative environment! After graduating from the best law universities in Bucharest, Vilnius, and Leuven, I decided to innovate my own career. I just approached it from another angle. Transitioning from being a lawyer to a full-time Policy Analyst in the competitive field of Energy and Climate was not an easy thing to do. Luckily for me, I found the best company in town where I could truly grow professionally, bringing added value to my skills and pursue my passion. When I’m not delving into the latest energy market trends, you can find me playing basketball or trying to figure out quirky names for my pets. I have a brown cat called Chewie von Catbury – he also loves Energy & Climate!

  • Klaas


    Senior Policy Analyst

    Keeping my finger on the pulse of developments that shape and change our everyday life has always been a passion for me. Through my Bachelor and Master’s degrees in History, I learned how to analyse past and present events and trends and also gained a well-founded outlook on the future. My second Master’s degree, in EU Studies, taught me how to apply these skills to developments at the EU level. So I’m pretty pleased to be now doing that on a daily basis. Outside of work, I have a broad interest in culture and music, with a particular fascination for rock and blues.

  • Sarah


    Service Coordinator

    Born and raised in London, I studied music at Southampton University. This led to a career in radio, mainly for the BBC, and from there to journalism. I worked as a reporter from Jerusalem until 2003, when I moved to Brussels. I love of power walks through the seemingly-endless Fôret de Soignes to the south of Brussels, and I still find some time for long-form radio journalism. As Service Coordinator for clients at SHUNGHAM, I am your friendly the go-to person if you have any questions or requests – so please don’t hesitate to be in touch! 

  • Ioana


    Office Manager

    Ioana has been with SHUNGHAM since almost the beginning, and she has become the glue that holds the administrative side of things together, having mastered the insane complexities and sheer time-consuming, mind-boggling amount of administrative paperwork that doing business in Belgium requires on an ongoing basis. Before coming to Brussels, Ioana qualified as a kindergarten teacher in Romania - and probably those skills, too, come in quite handy for the role of Office Manager at SHUNGHAM.

  • Geraint


    COO & Head of Policy

    In addition to his LLM from the College of Europe in Bruges, Geraint holds a French Maitrise in European Law, and a British Law degree in English and French Law. He has been working in the field of EU intelligence, regulatory monitoring, and political analysis since 2009. Geraint became COO at SHUNGHAM in 2015, having led the EUISSUETRACKER policy team as Head of Policy for 3 years. Apart from SHUNGHAM Geraint’s passions are chess, gardening and painting. SHUNGHAM is in possession of photographic evidence of Geraint playing a chess match at a table in the middle of Rond-Point Schuman.

  • Michel



    Friends have jokingly called me OCD. And it's true that I can be obsessive about completeness, structure, and being systematic. My background is in science but I'm most driven by discovering the inherent structure of information and knowledge. Born in the US to European parents, I am a deeply convinced believer in the EU and in an open and interconnected world. A lucky husband and father, I have no hobbies - between my company and my family there is no time left over - and I wouldn’t want it otherwise!